July 13, 2021

Ivermectin study shows success in not only curing COVID, but also in preventing it

Despite censorship, last month The Gateway Pundit reported about an ivermectin study ( that shows the antiparasitic drug is successful in not only curing COVID, but also in preventing it.

This should be great news! But instead, because it exposes the possibility that COVID may not be as deadly as we were told, and the possibility that we didn’t even need a vaccine after all, the headline is buried. Ignored by mainstream media, the study is quickly swept under the rug and the American public and international health community at large is left in the dark.

This study is an important document that could help our school districts make the right decision in demasking our children. It could also serve as important developments for employees to use to fight the corporations that seem to be above the law, as they continue to mask employees despite local laws to the contrary.

The importance of this kind of information cannot be overlooked. That’s why keeping in touch off of social media is so important.